Information for Parents

 Fees and Payments

For academic year September 2021 - July 2022

Service Charges per hour (or part thereof)
Individual and small group instrumental teaching* £37.00
Large group instrumental teaching (8 pupils or more)* £42.00
Music Theory £37.00
Instrument hire (brass only) £52.00 per year

* Subsidy is available from Wiltshire Music Connect for pupils entitled to remissions.  Please state on the booking form if your child is in receipt of remissions.  See the ‘Subsidy’ section below for further details.

Subsidy and instrument hire must be booked through Wiltshire Music Connect.   I will liaise with you and your child’s school to allocate the necessary discount.

If your child’s school is more than 15 miles from Trowbridge, I reserve the right to add an additional charge for any whole school order less than two hours.

Should you need to change your provision during the year this can be arranged, providing at least 4 calendar weeks’ notice is given.  

Payment will most likely be made directly to me, although some schools retain control over this: please check the arrangements with your child’s school.

Invoices will be raised termly in advance, based on a three-term year.  Please ensure I have your current email address to ensure timely delivery of invoices.  If payment has not been received by the deadline stated on the invoice I reserve the right to cease delivery of the service until payment is received.  Payment can be via cheque, made payable to ‘Mr Luke Pickett’, via Paypal, or preferably via BACS transfer to the account listed on the terms and conditions of your contract with me, which will be issued after booking.

Please see the full terms and conditions regarding payment.

 Subsidy and remissions


Instrumental brass and recorder teaching

Schools booking an Associate Provider at a rate between £28.93 - £39.64 per hour can:  

  • Access instruments at reduced rates for their pupils (subject to availability)  
  • Claim subsidy from Wiltshire Music Connect Music Education Hub for some categories of pupil for 15 minute individual or 30 minute paired lessons:

- 100% reduction in fees  for pupils who are Looked After/In Care (LAC) – this is through a partnership with Wiltshire Virtual School.

- 70% reduction  for pupils eligible for Pupil Premium and/or Free School Meals.  

- 70% reduction  for pupils with Special Educational Needs and/or a Disability.  

- 40% reduction  for pupils who schools classify as vulnerable for other reasons and who are unlikely to take up (or continue) lessons as a result of economic or social circumstances.  This is at the school’s discretion.

Note that there is no option for a 15 minute individual lesson on the booking form for parents.  If pupils are entitled to subsidy, parents should select a 20 or 30 minute paired lesson option.  If a suitable pairing cannot be found, pupils will be allocated a 15 minute individual lesson.  

The amounts of remission are set in blocks and do not vary if other music teachers are charging different rates.

Further remission will be considered on a case by case basis for pupils in the above categories who really need a longer lesson.

The majority of pupils in the county (and who don’t need financial support) are therefore paying the real cost of their tuition and that cost is no longer vulnerable to cuts in public funding. The real cost is £37.00 per hour.  

Pupils in receipt of remission will be getting their provision at a level which is set to be sustainable over a period of time.  

Subsidy must be claimed in advance through Wiltshire Music Connect, in conjunction with the provider.  I will liaise with schools to set up  meetings to assist with this.