Instrumental brass and recorder teaching

Many pupils will start to learn an instrument in Key Stage 2 after their First Access (whole class)  experience, but it is never too late to learn and pupils from across all Key Stages can benefit. Pupils starting in Key Stage 3 or beyond can often make rapid progress.  Tuition alongside First Access is also highly beneficial.

Luke Pickett offers:

  • Weekly tuition (up to 33 sessions per year during school term times)
  • A range of brass instruments, or descant recorder

             - Recorder suited to Years 3 & 4: pupils will progress onto brass instruments after one year

             - Upper brass suited to all Key Stage 2 pupils onwards

             - Lower brass suited to Years 5 & 6 onwards

  • Access to the instrument loan scheme for a small charge (subject to availability)
  • Individual, small and large group lessons
  • Tuition within school premises
  • Structured programmes of study from the earliest stages to the highest levels of performance
  • All pupils are supported in preparing for Key Stage 4 and instrumental examinations as appropriate
  • Strong links with comprehensive, high quality extra-curricular ensembles, bands, choirs and orchestras, from beginner to advanced level.

Individual and small group teaching

  • One-to-one tuition (15 minutes+ per week)
  • Paired tuition (20 minutes+ per week)
  • Groups of 3-7 pupils (30 minutes per week)
  • More one-to-one support and faster progress than in a large group

 Large group teaching

  • Many pupils prefer to learn in a large group – an ensemble. They enjoy the social aspect of learning together and they support each other in their learning.
  • Large groups (8 individuals or more) are particularly suited to pupils continuing after their First Access (whole class) experience.
  • Larger groups share the cost; making it more affordable for families.  Lessons last for 30 minutes per week.
  • Pupils receiving instrumental lessons at school are eligible to purchase an instrument through the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme. This scheme allows families to purchase an instrument free of VAT and at a substantial discount.

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