Curriculum Music Teaching

Luke  Pickett can deliver Key Stages 1-5 music tuition to whole classes, or can support specific aspects of the schools delivery of the Music curriculum.

What to expect

  • A comprehensive Music curriculum well suited to pupils and to individual schools that complies with the National Curriculum and/or exam specification requirements.
  • Well-sequenced, carefully planned lessons, within termly/half-termly units that are relevant to individual schools’ needs.
  • Lessons are planned to include a balanced programme of activities across the musical  areas of performing, composing, listening and appraising.  


Instrumental work will be based around the instruments found in school.  Other resources such as listening materials and music book/songs etc. are either taken from existing resources in school or provided by Luke Pickett.

Schools may wish to build their school resources for Music and Luke Pickett will be happy to advise you on suitable resources.

Assessment and reports

Formative assessment, usually at the end of the unit, will provide a note of  pupils’ attainment against expectations.

Where something unexpected or significant occurs during the lesson this is usually shared verbally with the class teacher.

Luke Pickett can support the class teacher through discussion in writing reports.   It is not expected that Luke should write extensive reports.

Benefits of Curriculum Teaching to your school

Luke Pickett will support your school in the delivery of the National Curriculum for Music, raising standards of attainment in Music and increasing the accessibility of Music for all children/pupils.  Additionally there will be support for class teachers in the teaching of Music, which will leave a legacy for your school.

Extra curricular/extended curricular teaching

For special occasions/events such as Christmas and other Festivals, Luke Pickett can work with more than one class.  Plenty of notice must be given so Luke can plan appropriately.

What you need to provide

  • Accommodation should be a normal teaching space or the hall, especially for First Access and curriculum lessons, where other people are not working e.g. teaching of small groups in the back of the room.  It is important to remember that music lessons can be noisy: pupils and staff must be prepared to expect and accept noise from a music lesson.  Access to a projector and  whiteboard, as well as a sound system, is requested for all First Access and curriculum lessons.
  • Name badges worn by children during all First Access and curriculum sessions aid communication with individual pupils and identify them for assessment, as well as the provision of class lists at the start of the year.
  • Information should be available about any pupils with health, emotional or behavioural needs, or any pupils with special educational needs, and particularly if something significant has happened recently in a pupil’s life that may affect their attitude or progress.
  • Information in advance (at the beginning of the term) about school closures, school trips etc. so that this can be taken into account when planning.  At least 4 calendar weeks’ notice must be given to avoid costs being incurred.
  • If  possible the class teacher or a teaching assistant should remain in the classroom during the music sessions. This supports continuity of practice within the school regarding ethos, discipline procedures etc, and gives the class teacher the opportunity to observe how their pupils progress in Music. 

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