Whole class singing/vocal ensembles


Luke Pickett offers:


         Whole class singing sessions

         Whole Key Stage 2 singing sessions to stimulate interest and raise attainment in singing.  


Luke works with whole classes and whole Key Stages to teach, inspire and excite pupils about singing. The programme lays the foundation for continued development of singing and creates an expectation of high standards of singing in schools.



Benefits to your school


Singing is a joy - an end in itself, but there are also positive aspects for education generally.  Pupils work together in a non-competitive way; for the good of the whole class, developing team working, respect for others and self-discipline.



Benefits for your pupils


Pupils will learn valuable singing techniques including good breathing, diction, rhythm and pitch, how to produce a good sound and to sing together.


By learning to sing well pupils:


         are better prepared to take on the rest of the curriculum, particularly within Music.

         enjoy increased self-esteem, self-confidence and a feeling of well-being.

         increase achievement and social skills


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    2015-16 Mr Luke Pickett BMus PGCE MISM