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Aims and objectives


Luke Pickett’s services provide:


·         Sustainable support and inclusive high quality music tuition for children and young people

-          From First Access through to advanced stages of instrumental and vocal tuition.

-          Working with schools and teachers supporting the curriculum as appropriate.


·          Support for clubs, groups and ensembles, and opportunities to enable and inspire young people from all social backgrounds to experience high quality performances, which will progress their musical skills and interests.


·         Continued contribution and development as a key specialist Associate Provider for the Wiltshire Music Connect.


Benefits of learning music


·         Boosts attainment levels

·         Improves learning skills

·         Fosters team working

·         Enhances social skills

·         Underpins better behaviour

·         Encourages creativity

·         Provides an educational building block

·         Promotes fun for everyone

·         Provides a lifetime of enjoyment



Benefits to your school


·         A developed and well tested pedagogical approach

·         Provision that compliments the curriculum, responds to Ofsted requirements and adds to your school’s achievement

·         Support for your school’s Music Teachers/Coordinators and Senior Managers

·         Quality assurance through strong ties with a wide team of experienced specialists

·         Pupil support, guidance & progression

·         Strong links with out of school ensembles and choirs

·         Up-to-date DBS and reference checks

·         Commitment to regular in-service training and CPD



Services at a glance


The following services are available to all.  Please refer to the subsequent pages for further information. 


·         Instrumental brass and recorder teaching - Key Stage 2 and above

                -    Individual and small group teaching

                        -      Large group teaching


·         First Access (whole class) instrumental teaching - Key Stages 2 & 3


·         Music Theory - All Key Stages


·         Conducting/Music Directing - All Key Stages


·         Whole class singing/vocal ensembles - Key Stage 2 and above


·         Curriculum Music Teaching - All Key Stages


·         GCSE & A Level Music Consultancy


·         Supply Teaching - All Key Stages     


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